AGOG updates VBAC Guidelines

Included in the update is a statement that VBAC should be an option for mothers including those with two previous lower transverse incisions (VBA2C), women carrying twins and those with an unknown type of uterine scar.  It also says that OBGYNs who do not offer VBAC should refer mothers who desire one to another care provider during the pregnancy, and women presenting in labor at a hospital that doesn’t provide VBACs should be allowed to continue with the birth and not be coerced into a repeat cesarean.

The new guidelines are now more in line with what research, mothers, and advocacy groups have been saying for years.  Hopefully this update will encourage more care providers and hospitals to offer VBAC to mothers as a real choice (currently close to 30% of hospitals ban VBACs and an additional 20% don’t have an official ban but have no OBGYNs willing to attend them).

You can read the statement from ACOG here:

If you are a mother considering a VBAC for current or future pregnancies the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) has many online resources and local support groups all over the country (including two here in Massachusetts).


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