Free Placenta Encapsulation Guide

I haven’t been blogging much lately – I’ve been working on this placenta encapsulation guide for mothers who want to do their own encapsulation. It is finally ready to share!

As I note in the guide, this tutorial is meant for mothers only and not professionals looking to offer encapsulation services. If you are a professional interested in learning placenta encapsulation please contact me and I will happily point you in the right direction for learning this wonderful service.

“Placentophagia may provide many advantages during the postpartum adjustment period.  Experiences and research show that placenta consumption:
– replenishes depleted nutrients like Iron & B vitamins
– balances hormones
– reduces or eliminates the ‘baby blues’
– provides increased energy
– increases breast milk production
– lessens postpartum bleeding
– speeds postpartum recovery
– helps uterine involution (shrinking)” – excerpted from the guide

This guide contains:
– What placenta encapsulation is and why someone might want to do it
– A tour of your placenta
– Complete list of supplies for encapsulation
– Thorough (with photographs) explanation of the steps to encapsulate your placenta
– Storage and consumption guidelines
– Users are welcome to contact me with their questions

I hope this guide enables many mothers to have a happier, healthier postpartum with placenta encapsulation!

You can download my free Placenta Encapsulation Guide HERE. (Please note there are actual photographic images of placentas in this document) You’ll need the ability to view Adobe PDF documents to access the guide.

If you enjoy this guide, please consider making a donation via Paypal so that I can continue to offer free guides for mothers and low/no cost placenta encapsulation services to those in need. Thank you!


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