What’s your pain medication preference?

You might be sure you want an epidural or some form of pain medication or you may be set on having an unmedicated birth…or you might be somewhere inbetween.  For many moms it is not black and white – they don’t fall at the far end of either preference.  Part of making sure you have a great birth is clarifying for yourself, your partner and your caregivers what your preferences are.  Not sure?  Penny Simkin (doula, physical therapist, and author) created a Pain Medication Preference scale to help you figure out where you fall on the spectrum.

This document outlines some basic information on pain relief options (both medication and non-pharmacological), factors that influence a mom’s decision in choosing pain relief, how to use the scale and of course the scale itself.  I love that the scale offers tips for partners, doulas and nurses on how to help the mom depending on where she falls on the scale.  A great tool!

Download it here as a PDF from Childbirth Connection


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